Are you open year around? 
We are open 12 months out of the year.

How many guest does the Lodge accommodate?
The Perfect room (upper level) can welcome up to 170 seated guests and 200 guests standing.

What are the opening hours?
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-10pm
Friday-Saturday: 9am-11pm

Our wedding package gives you access to the venue from 9am to 11pm.

Can we tour the premises? 
Of course,
- give us a call 860-317-1149 or
- send us an email hopelodgevenue@gmail.com or
- fill out the contact form and we will reach out within 24 hours

What does the rental include?
All rentals include tables and chairs, plugs-in by the stage to plugs yours or the vendors sound equipment, parking on premises and use of the wet bar/kitchenette (counter spaces, sink,refrigerator, ice machine and a warmer), outdoor area with arch and benches for ceremony or photo. Wedding packages include a Venue Coordinator. 

How many people can sit at each table?
Each round table can accommodate between 6-8 guests. Rectangle tables are included and can be used to set up the food area, welcome table, gift table or gift table. Small parties of under 50 guests can use the rectangle tables as dining tables. The round tables are 60 inches, we have 6FT and 8FT rectangle tables. 

Is the venue accessible for guests with disabilities?
The top floor is unfortunately not accessible at the moment, there is a couple of stairs at the front of the building. However, the room itself and the restrooms are fully accessible. 

Is the Hope Lodge air conditioned and heated? 
Yes the Hope Lodge features brand new AC and heat units. The temperature will be set at room temperature for your event. 

Do you have list of recommended vendors?
Yes. A list of our preferred vendors is available right here.  
For each booking with one of our vendor they will offer you a discount of their choice with presentation of your signed contract.

Can I use my own vendors? 
Even if we work with preferred vendors based on their services and reputations you are welcome to use an outside vendors of your choice, they must be insured and licensed.

Can we get a DJ or a band? 
Of course. Dj or bands are more than welcomed, you will find a gorgeous built in stage made to entertain your event. It is up to the Client/Event Coordinator/Dj or band to determine power needs ahead of time and make arrangements for a generator if necessary. Plugs are available all around the stage area. 

Can we bring food?

Can we bring alcohol beverages in?
Yes. However, a One Day event insurance is mandatory. You can find one HERE or get in touch with your insurance company.

do we have to clean up after the event? 
Yes. The client is responsible for the clean up. No need to sweep or mop but everything you bring in must be taken out with you or put into the garbage. A dumpster in located in the back of the venue.  This process must be discussed with your caterers, vendors or whoever is in charge. The client will be held responsible if the clean up is not respected. Decorations, gifts and other decors must be removed from the space at the end of your event.