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The philosophy of Spiritual Bondings is very simple –“let the celebration begin with
the ceremony”.
Congratulations on your wedding!!
I think you’ll find I’m not your ordinary Officiant.
Spiritual Bondings is made for couples that want their ceremony to be the heart of
their wedding day – I believe that every couple deserves the ceremony of their
dreams. My only job is making the ceremony perfect for the two of you. From free-
spirited to formal, I’m here for every couple that has ever said “we need to do this
our own way”.
My only focus is you, and making sure you love every detail of your ceremony,
from the moment you walk down the aisle to “I now pronounce you”!!




As a Holistic Practitioner, and ordained non-denominational pastor, it is my mission to inspire, nurture, encourage, and serve all faith traditions, performing religious and non-religious weddings, same sex marriages, as well as unique weddings tailored to your desires. 
I strive to treat each of my clients with dignity and respect, honoring your choices and helping 
you plan your dream wedding. 
Between $125 - $425 - Different packages 

The experience that couples get with Cindy is unique, no two ceremonies are the same! She meets with each couple to discuss what they want and don't want in a ceremony and what type they want. These initial consultations are free of charge, as she wants to make sure everyone is happy before she commits to performing their ceremony on their special day. With Cindy taking the time to get to know people with attention to detail and not just officiate, your experience is sure to be one to remember. 

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